Ice Berg and Dreidle enjoy a post-show nosh.”

M.O.T. performs at their CD release party at Canter’s deli. 

More M.O.T. photos...

The boys enjoy some fresh fruit on Fairfax.


Late night at the Kosher Nostra Deli.


 Chillin at 3:00AM


Ice Berg tries to figure out where the per diem went.


First ever M.O.T. Hanukah show, at Los Angeles transvestite club Dragstrip 66.

A fist fight between drag queens ended the show early.


Where it all began. Poster promoting M.O.T.’s CD released by Warner Brothers Records.


Glamour head shots for Warner Brothers CD.


How M.O.T. got that record contract. The boys corner Bob Merlis, publicity maven and

head of Worldwide Corporate Communications at Warner Brothers Records.


The sticker that covered Los Angeles at the CD’s release.


Artist Jon Berkowitz captures the essence of M.O.T. at a Viper Room appearance.