Martini Ranch

Martini Ranch is a band established in 1982 by Andrew Todd Rosenthal. (Writer/Vocals/Guitar).
Bill Paxton was making videos and joined Martini Ranch in 1984 as video conceptualist, singer and sometimes lyricest. Robert O'Hearn played keyboards. Patrick O'Hearn of Frank Zappa & Missing Persons plays bass on "New Deal ". Martini Ranch released one album two singles and two videos on SIRE/WB Records. Album titled "Holy Cow" in 1988 was a alternative hit on KROQ and others. The song "How Can the Labouring Man Find Time for Self-Culture?" produced by Mark Mothersbaugh of Devo features Bob Casale and Alan Meyers (OG DEVO Drummer)."How Can the Labouring Man Find Time for Self-Culture?" video is fantastic. Directed by Rocky Schenck,Bill & Andrew. James Cameron directed the video "Reach", both videos played on MTV and VH1. Cindy Wilson of The B-52's also sings background on some of these songs. Additionally, Mark Isham is on "World Without Walls" and actor Judge Reinhold (of Beverly Hills Cop fame) is the Whistler on the song "Reach".