Andrew Rosenthal

Andrew (Martini Ranch) just finished writing music and all post sound supervision for some Toyota commercials to air in the southern region featuring Judge Reinhold. In June 2008 Andrew wrote music for a new pilot called "Anytown Beatdown", hosted by Tito Ortiz this is a civilian version of UFC. (Andrew is also a Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do and is a part time instructor at a Do Jang in West Los Angeles. He is producing and composing for TV commercials, film & pop music.

Andrew Rosenthal has worked professionally in the music business for over twenty five years. His first band Martini Ranch he conceived in 1982 and played the Hollywood club circuit, The Roxy, Whisky, Lingere Club & many more. In 1984 He regrouped with actor Bill Paxton and in 1985 signed to Sire/Warner Brothers Records. Enlisting the talents of the B-52’s, Devo , Mark Isham, Robert and Pat O’Hearn (of Missing Persons & Frank Zappa) for its first album "HOLY COW", but also resulted in the only rock music video ever directed by James Cameron. Reach was shot on 35mm and was recently included in a retrospective of Cameron’s work at the American Cinemateque. Andrew has had over 220 songs published and has composed music for dozens of television shows and feature films. He has produced numerous albums including James Marsters "Civilized Man" who played Spike on Buffy The Vampire Slayer) and ‘Ghost of the Robot,’ featuring James Marsters). Andrew garnered an Emmy nomination along with Mark Mothersbaugh (Devo) for musical direction and composition. During his stint as Director of Marketing at Del Fi Records, Andrew earned a Triple Platinum album for his marketing efforts on the Pulp Fiction soundtrack, which he followed up with the highly successful Pulp Surfin’. He has also worked as an actor (in everything from Laverne and Shirley to M*A*S*H) and has performed as Sound Effects Editor on numerous feature films, including Better Luck Tomorrow (MTV Films), Jeepers Creepers (Zoetrope), Anniversary Party (Fineline), and Deuces Wild. Andrew and Marty Frasu just finished a retarded remix of The Doors "20th Century Fox" and is soon to be released… Born in Los Angeles, he grew up at the Turf Club at Hollywood Park where his family raced horses, Hillcrest Country Club, and the Friar’s Club (among the likes of George Burns, Jack Benny and Milton Berle) where, according to his mother, he spent most of his time in the bathroom stealing combs. ♥Andrew's Mother's family (with a few friends) owned the property and built the Rivera Hotel in Las Vegas Nevada which they sold in 1976 and got out of Vegas for good. The movie "Casino" is a little to close to home.

 Andrew’s Father was a Sound Supervisor for Desilu Productions in 1958 and later for Glen Glen Sound etc….His father was a pioneer and one of the best.

 ******Members of The Tribe aka M.O.T. is a very cool project conceived by Andrew and is availabe on itunes etc.The album is titled 19.99. As in...tonight you can party for just 19.99...also on SIRE Records. Heeb-Hop at its finest. Ice Berg & Dreidle are funny and clever and the beats are home made and tight.Totally Original and On a scale from to 1 to 5, I give M.O.T 5 - (6 pointed) stars. :-)